Empowering Innovations
with Blumind's Proprietary Architecture

Unlock the true potential of analog AI compute with Blumind's cutting-edge semiconductor architecture, combining machine learning, precision analog signal processing, and brain-inspired computing.

AMPL™ All-analog
Compute Advantages

Blumind delivers high performance all-analog compute solutions for edge AI using CMOS technology on advanced process nodes. No special processing steps, no specialty memory structures, no technology risks.
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Analog AI Innovation
Blumind AMPL™ is a disruptive analog AI compute fabric for micropower artificial intelligence applications.
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Precision and Accuracy
Blumind all-analog AI compute delivers deterministic and precise inferencing performance at up to x1000 lower power than our competitors. Delivering higher efficiency and the longest battery life for always-on applications.
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Low Latency Solutions
AMPL™ fabric delivers efficient low latency for real-time applications.
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Analog Breakthrough
AMPL™ is the first all-analog AI on advanced standard CMOS architected to fundamentally mitigate process, voltage, temperature and drift variations.
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Watch the video webinar "Why all-analog compute is vital for edge based neural network processing."

Content opens in a new window. A full screen hi-res version of the video can be found HERE.

Blumind Presentation by CEO Roger Levinson

Blumind’s All-analog Difference

Blumind's AMPL™ core technology is architected to be all-analog from the ground up. Unlike other analog edge AI solutions AMPL™ is efficient, robust and uses CMOS technology on advanced process nodes.
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Direct Analog Sensor Input
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Standard CMOS Process
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Advanced Process Node
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Low Latency
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Analog Precision
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Ultra-low Power
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No High Speed Clock
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No Added Processing Steps
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No Novel Process Technology Modules
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Supports Sustainable Solutions

Software and Solutions

The Blumind AMPL™ core used for inferencing takes parameters from
industry standard software flows like PyTorch and TensorFlow

SoC Flow


Custom Solution Flow (Chiplet, IC or IP)

Custom Solution (Chiplet, IC or IP)