AI For Everyone, Everywhere ™


Transforming the AI compute paradigm with industry leading power, latency and cost

100 - 1000X Lower Energy Consumption for power or thermally constrained systems

Real-time inferencing for today's demanding edge applications

Implemented in standard silicon technologies without custom processing



Automotive & Industry 4.0

Smart Home & Smart City

Human & Animal Sensing




Blumind’s proprietary semiconductor architecture leverges the best of:

  • Machine Learning
  • Precision Signal Processing
  • In-memory Computation
  • Brain Inspired Processing

We have solved key challenges of:

  • Stability and Reliability
  • High accuracy
  • Broad Neural Network Support for Perceptron, Classic RNN, GRU RNN, CNN and others



    Blumind is a Canadian deep-tech startup led by industry visionaries with a proven track record of building successful semiconductor businesses.

    We are a member of ventureLAB, Canada’s premier silicon focused technology incubator.


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