Blumind's Visionary
Product Offerings

Step into the world of excellence for all-analog computing with Blumind's visionary product lineup.
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Blumind's advanced all-analog devices offer cutting-edge solutions for audio, time series data and visionary visual applications.
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Audio and Time Series Data

Contact us to learn more about the BM110 for always on Audio and time series data applications.
Devices 02

Contact us to learn more about the BM210 for always on video and image classification applications.

AMPL Intellectual

Blumind's proprietary AMPL intellectual property and Blumind Chiplets enable innovation in various applications and transform industries.
AMPL Intellectual Property 01

Blumind's all analog AMPL neural signal processor IP for edge AI applications is designed on standard advanced node CMOS technology and can be integrated into high volume SoC and MCU products.
AMPL Intellectual Property 02
Blumind Chiplet

Contact us to learn more about Neural Signal Processor known-good-die for system in package integration.


Blumind's neural system processor inference products use industry standard software flows including PyTorch and TensorFlow.
Software 01
Blumind AI integration suite

After training using PyTorch or TensorFlow, the Blumind translator maps coefficients after quantization and compression into a weights file for the Blumind device. Weights to personalize the Blumind inference products are loaded at system power-up. The network can be retrained and updated with new weights as desired.


Blumind's technology is designed for ease of use and rapid integration and deployment. We partner with our customers to deliver exceptional products and services - we succeed when you succeed. To learn more about our solutions or to get a demo of our products please contact us .