All-analog solutions

Low latency, small size and low power for smart mobility.
Blumind's vision and voice technology for smart mobility edge AI enables the next generation of solutions. Automotive, drones, autonomous vehicles, robots, even e-bikes can benefit from predictive collision avoidance, smart EV battery management and biometric access and control. Voice UI and gesture control for infotainment interfaces makes getting for point A to point B a safer and more intuitive journey with Blumind's all-analog compute technology for smart mobility edge AI

Key Features

Lowest Total system cost for Edge AI applications.
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Low Power

Our AI solutions are up to 2-orders of magnitude lower power than alternatives. This removes the need for thermal management and enables AI to be deployed discreetly in smart mobility and automotive products.
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Small Footprint

In cabin and exterior cameras can be tiny and discreetly deployed. Drones are not weighted down by bulky AI solutions.
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Low Latency

Intuitive user latency for real-time monitoring of systems, passengers and the environment to ensure a safe and intuitive user experience.
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All of our solutions use industry standard software flows e.g. PyTorch, Tensor flow. No new tools to learn or complicated flows.
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Analog Sensors

Blumind's product work with analog (or digital) sensors. Analog sensors are power, area and cost efficient for the lowest total system cost solution.