Analog compute for smarter applications

Revolutionizes always-on applications in
everyday life.
Always on Keyword Detection

Always-on Keyword

Adding key word detection to any product is easy with Blumind's always-on key word detection technology.

Always on Visual Wake Image

Always-on Visual
Wake Image

Blumind's always-on visual wake word technology empowers devices to enable rapid identification for access control. By leveraging all-analog compute's real-time processing capabilities, a more intuitive and efficient human-device interaction is possible opening new possibilities for mobile products, smart home automation, automotive and beyond.

Time Series Data

Time Series Data - AI Analysis

Our advanced solutions rapidly process time-varying data streams, enabling applications in predictive maintenance, health monitoring, weather forecasting, and more. Experience accelerated insights and data-driven decision-making like never before.

Image Classification

Image Classification

With Blumind's image classification capabilities, businesses can revolutionize their image-based applications. From medical diagnostics to quality control in manufacturing, our technology enables precise and efficient image classification, automating tasks and enhancing accuracy. Embrace the potential of analog computing for visual data analysis.